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After Great Strategic Planning How Do I Make Plan?

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"In a nutshell, working with Larry and his team has improved my life in total. We are now exceeding our financial goals by a significant amount."
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During a down economy, leaders of accounting firms rightfully focus on retaining and growing their client bases and bringing in new business. Organizationally, during poor economic times, the leader's focus is usually on downsizing.
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People Don't Leave Companies, They Leave Managers

Sadly, while many people in positions of management are not bad people, few tend to be good managers, and so our common experience is that of being poorly managed. Accordingly, we fail to enjoy our jobs. Companies are often personified by a particular manager, and while some may work for great men and women, most do not. Our company view is often formed by a negative experience with a manager.

Turnover among employees occurs, usually, not because of company policies and practices but because of managers within the company. When employees say they have had enough, their reaction is usually because of a poor manager and their negative experience with them.

Unfortunately, during their exit interview with HR, the departing employee will likely say they left for a better job or more money, and therefore the offending manager remains in place to further add to the company's turnover statistics. And likely, the offending manager will complain about the need for a better selection and hiring process – which probably should start with them!
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