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"I want to share an experience I had after our last class with you as it brings home the lessons learned."
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During a down economy, leaders of accounting firms rightfully focus on retaining and growing their client bases and bringing in new business. Organizationally, during poor economic times, the leader's focus is usually on downsizing.
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Obstacles Come In Two Forms: Internal And External

The single most important factor in dealing with obstacles is to identify them accurately - neither understating nor overstating their importance or the degree of difficulty in solving them.

It is worth noting that every time I have worked with a client able to correctly and realistically identify their obstacles, overcoming those obstacles becomes much more realistic. This is equally true for both external obstacles and internal obstacles.

External obstacles, the economy, the marketplace, your competition, these are clearly outside your control. Nevertheless, correct recognition and assessment makes it possible to create sound approaches to dealing with them. Taking action will mitigate their negative impact. The alternative is wringing your hands.

Internal obstacles are of course quite different for they are under your control. Although some will say "I can't do anything about that because ...", virtually all internal obstacles are actionable if you are willing. Because internal obstacles are frequently people and organization issues, the actions required are often not taken.
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