The value of an enterprise must be increasing year over year - or the enterprise is at risk.

Improve company performance -   faster, more cost effectively and sustainably. 

The best visions and strategies will fail without an effective organization to execute those strategies. 

The organization is a gold mine of performance opportunities.  It is the job of leadership and management to become highly effective “miners” of bottom-line dollars to be found in effective organization planning. 

Implementing Valant & Company’s Leadership, Management and Organization processes provide the basis for executing effectively, and consistently and reliably growing your company's value year after year.  Learn More

The primary objective of a CEO is to grow the value of the enterprise in both the short and long run. Growth in company value is best measured by the age-honored concept of Residual Income. Other more commonly used measures do not accurately measure how the leader and their team are doing in terms of effective utilization of the resources entrusted to them.   Contact Valant & Company to learn how to apply metrics to achieve growth in the value of your enterprise.   Learn More

The greatest source of frustration and failure for CEOs is their inability to make plan on time and on budget.  Successfully implemented in companies of all sizes, in widely differing industries, and a variety of markets and market conditions, our practical, straightforward processes help companies make plan virtually 100% of the time, year after year. And, these companies become sought-after places to work because the environments are fair, reasonable, safe and rewarding.   Learn More

Valant & Company is a performance improvement consultancy whose clients range from $5 million to more than $5 billion in annual revenues and whose industries cross a wide spectrum of goods and services  - manufacturing and distribution, finance, and professional service firms. Founded in 1988, we are headquartered in Denver, Colorado with operations in Florida.